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Torque continuous table

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STS Torque continuous rotating table

 The integrated continuous rotating tables can replace the fixed working tables and can be used as 4 and 5 axis CN; therefore it can act like panning axis and in association with our tilting continuous head allow the machine to interpolate with 5 axis in continuous.

The integrated continuous rotating tables can work also in LATHE/MILLING mode (optional).

The integrated continuous rotating table is formed by two parts that rotate with an independent movement one compaired to the other.

The carriage is fixed directly on the longitudinal axis pads can move along the said axis and the rotating plate, that can rotate compaired to the carriage along the vertical axis.

The equipment can be installed on the machine to make particular machinings that with a fixed head would not be possible.

This rotating table is a continuous axis controlled by CNC as 4 and 5 working axis.

Therefore, assembled on a machine tool with 3 axes, it allows milling machinings with 4 axes, both interpolated in continuous movement and positioned, both in finishing and roughing.

The continuous rotating table integrated model, is one of the optionals available for the milling machines created by STS that allow to increase the capabilities of the machine.


General description

Installed on basement guides of the machine, it allows to make the machining of pieces of small and medium dimensions. Fundamental features of the equipment is the possibility, apart from being used as standard table, that of rotating in continuous on itself.

Further along we will describe the machine in detail and in particular to briefly explain how to follow maintenance procedures and repair rapidly.

The structure is particularly rigid in cast iron and this allows to bear important pieces and machinings.

The continuous rotating table, controlled by CNC as 4 axes, was designed with new criteria and with the no-compromise philosophy which differentiate all STS creations.

The result is a continuous rotating table with exceptional features, capable of satisfying the most demanding customers.

Herewith are some of these features:

Rotating movement of the axis controlled by brushless TORQUE motors direct, which means 1 motor turn 1 axis turn; total absence of gaps

Axes support on pre-loaded bearings of large sizes always direct 1/1; complete absence of gaps

Position optical transducers with encoder at very high resolution assembled directly on the rotating devices, also direct 1/1; complete absence of gaps.

Hydraulic lock.

  • Max torque axis with locked axis 30.000 Nm

  • Max torque axis with unlocked axis 4.000Nm

  • Torque of axis in continuous work (S1) 2.400Nm

  • Continuous rotation, unlimited.

  • Structure in cast iron


The motor is cooled with liquid that circulates in specific windings put around the motor.

This liquid is taken from the refrigerating tank which equips the machine, circulates in the windings and is then conveyed in the same tank.

This allows to have a lapse rate between the head and the atmosphere temperature even during the most difficult uses.

The thermal probes (3 in the motor of the axis) allow to check instantly the temperature in each area.

The main axis is super symmetric compaired to its centre of rotation.

Therefore it is geometrically stable during the temperature variation and it is set so that possible thermal drifts can produce extensions towards the back part of the axis; this does not change the dimensional stability and precision of the machined piece.

The system with double bearing allows a great rigidity both on the rotation surface of the axis and on the endless slanting guiding principles that can occur.

In conclusion this head:

  • Allows to rough with great power (high static rigidity).

  • Allows to position with great precision (detection with great resolution and direct).

  • Allows to finish and super-finish with 4 or 5 axes with high speed and high dynamics (powerfull and direct motors).

  • It is precise and stable also on long machinings thanks to thermal stability.

  • It is repeatable in time thanks to the absence of any mechanical device, which can gain gaps.

  • It allows to use the milling machine as a lathe (Optional)

  • It has great reliability in time and needs very little maintenance based on all the design precautions..


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