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Iindexed 2,5 * 2.5 head

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Indexed head 2.5

The automatic head with positioning of 2.5 for every rotating axis is formed by two parts that rotate with an indipendent movement, one compaired to the other, allowing the tool to reach all the wanted positions every 2.5.

The automatic head is assembled on a spacer that is assembled on the main head of the machine.

The automatic head is centered by using tempered conical pins.

A grooved shaft, coupled with dragging devices of the spindle taper, transmits the movement to the spindle of the automatic head.

The rotation surfaces of the two main castings of the automatic head (dragging and dragged axes) are machined, scraped and form a 45 angle compaired to the spindle axis.

To reach the head it is necessary to reach the safety protections inside, when the machine is in still position.

The equipment can be installed on the machine to carry out particular machinings that cannot be possible with a fixed head. The automatic head can therefore carry a tool with the following features:

  •  Maximum weight: 30 Kg

  •  Maximum diameter: 400 mm

  •  Maximum length of tool carrier from the head of the spindle: 450mm


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