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STS services
Maintenance Spare parts Outsourcing Revisions Consultancy 



On: working centres, milling machines, lathes etc

 Makes: Secmu, TMA, Utita, Heller, ....


Spare parts

Mechanical: bearings for spindle and axis, screws with recirculating spheres, cylinders, rotating distributors, etc....
Electrical: numerical controls cards, axis operations, linear scales, encoder, dynamo speedometer devices, etc....
Makes: D.Electron, FAS, Selca, Gettys, Siemens, Fanuc, Ecs, Heidenhain, etc....



The most modern and successfull method for increasing the competitivity and the turning into tertiary or outsourcing of the services.
More and more companies take in to outsourcing more services and the level is always more complexed.


Revisions and technogical updating

A new life to exhausted and/or obsolete machinery.


Industrial consultancy - Special machines - Dedicated hardware and software applications - connection between workshop and office

 A continuous flow of information that allows to increase the efficiency.


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