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  Industrial consultancy

  • It is not simple facing a productive required to find the more correct solution

  •  We can help find on the market the solution that can guarantee you the best performance/price ration that can satisfy your requirements.

  •  We do it without loosing sight of the hidden costs that a purchase of a productive plant can always create: operating costs and the costs for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

  Special machinery

  • In some cases the market does not offer a satisfying solution to a particular productive requirement.

  •  In this case we suggest alternative solutions.

  •  It could be convenient and/or necessary to assemble a plant connecting commercial sections of different producers or starting from a blank sheet.

   Dedicated hardware and software applications

  •  The automation and computer science are by now deeply connected.

  •  Despite that it is not always unimportant to connect the productive and management worlds

  •  If you need information, terms and other informations on your plants and you cannot obtain them automatically, maybe we can help you.


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General information: info@STS.pc.it
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Customers technical support Sales: tecnico@STSfresatrici.com

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