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  • Give us your problems, take the solutions.

  • Pass on to us the entire management of the maintenance, it is our job and concentrate on the important part of your company.

  • Ask to us productivity and reliability and you will have certainty of the costs and results.


Adstare Project

The maintenance in outsourcing

Adstare is born from STS ten-year experience, which also finds its roots in the thirty-year technological history and it a particularly important geographical area for mechatronics, a project that is destined to renew the concept of technical assistance.


The aim of the project

In a very synthetic manner, our scope is to be considered as a “catalyst to create synergy between customer and suppliers”.

The most modern and successful way to centre this target is turning into tertiary or outsourcing the service in consideration.

More and more companies take in outsourcing more services and the level is always more complex:

Ø      Level 1

§       Officies cleaning

§       Workshop cleaning

§       Surveillance

§       ……

Ø      Level 3

§       Logistics

§       Purchasing

§       Marketing

§       …….

Ø      Level 2

§       Accounting

§       Transportation

§       Personnel research and selection

§       …….

Ø      Level 4

§       EDP centers

§       Production

§       Advanced services

§       …………..


The philosophy can even be considered unimportant considering “a complex problem like the management of a modern company cannot be faced in total, but must be divided in smaller and smaller sections”.

The best method to create these sections is not so immediate.

We believe, and many examples endorse us, that devolving the management of all those areas considered not to be “core business” of the company to the external, is the winning solution.


Therefore the aim of the project is to form a new figure that can create the turning into tertiary - the outsourcing of all the internal and external maintenance of the production machinery.


The scopes and the priorities

It is important in this phase to trace non only the scopes that we want to accomplish, but also the priorities of the same.

  • Improve the service

  • Free customers resources to be dedicated to “core business” company missions.

  • Reduce and budget the costs and increase the efficiency of the customer.


It is not because of a partisan spirit that the costs paragraph is at the last place, but because 3° point is a indirect consequence of no. 1° and direct of no. 2°.


List of the advantages


1.     More distributed warehouses are connected to the main warehouse and create a great resource.

2.     More technicians connected form a wonderful analysis instrument.

      Aims in common

1.     The production company and the services manager have the same aim.

2.     The services manager does not invoice pieces or labour, but the efficiency and the achievement of the targets.

      Commercial capabilities

1.     The interface with the suppliers of the materials and services is unique for all the network therefore there is are great contractual power towards all parts involved.

2.     The interface with the suppliers of the materials and services is carried out with technical competence, at least, of same level; this avoids misunderstanding and inefficiency.

      Side important consultation

1.      During the purchasing of a production plant you can have at your disposal a partner co-interested to find the correct purchase.

2.     Analysis of the quality control information during the function of the programming of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance phases.

3.     Internal staff training which will be kept at the of the contract too.


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