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Avantgarde VHS - Five version.


 STS VHS Avantgarde milling machines are machines with very high speed and very high dynamic created to CAD/CAM machining where speed and acceleration are never enough; infact, being these programs made from an infinite series of micro-movements, the machine is never at constant speed, but always accelerating or decelerating.

Therefore with a very high dynamic you can obtain:

*           Machining speed near to the theoretical programmed ones

*           Super mirror-finished surfaces

*           Low tools wear because they work at a nearly constant speed

 STS VHS Avantgarde  milling machines are machines tools created to machine flat surfaces, simple or complex profile grooves, gears etc, by means of an interchangeable tool according to the type of application. The main features of the machine are:

*          High productivity;

*          Surface high quality finishing and

*          High quality dimensional precision of the machined pieces

 The machine, with “T” structure, thanks to a head with two continuous axes, allows to machine completely a mould in one positioning. Another point of strength is the high dynamic of the milling machine.

The T milling machine at high speed VHS (Very High Speed) Avantgarde  is particularly indicated for the machining of moulds and models, as, thanks to the possibility to equip the machine with a head with two continuous axes, it is possible to machine completely a mould in one positioning. The table is available in 5 sizes:

* 2.200 x 800 (950) (1100) mm

* 2.700 x 800 (950) (1100) mm

* 3.200 x 800 (950) (1100) mm

* 3.700 x 800 (950) (1100) mm

* 4.200 x 800 (950) (1100) mm

 and can bear a maximum load of 8.000 Kg.

The strokes of the machine are: longitudinal 2.000 mm, 3.000 mm., 3.500 mm.  and 4.000 mm, transversal 1.000 mm., 1.500 mm. and 2.000 mm. and vertical 1.000 mm, 1.500 mm. and 2.000 mm.

Another point of strength of the VHS Avantgarde milling machine is the high dynamic. This machine can reach the best performances compaired to the traditional milling machines:

*           feed speed 60m/min

*         accelerations of 9,8 m/s2.

 It is known that these high performances  are easily reached by using linear motors; in our case instead we obtain them with simple brushless motors.

 To reach these results, we have developed a machine in a different way to the traditional: we did not start from the design of the mechanical part and then pass to the electronic way, but we chose to do the opposite.

We considered first the part concerning the motors and the movements and on the basis of our choices we have “dressed” the machine around it.

The VHS Avantgarde milling machine can be equipped both with tool magazines with changing places number, at column edge, or with the rack magazines with eight places to be installed on the working table.

The magazines rack type are particularly suggested for all those users that want a functional tool magazine without investing important sums.

To finish the technical features of the new horizontal VHS Avantgarde, we point out that several controls are available:

*           Heidenhain

*           Selca

*           Siemens

*           D.Electron

*           Fidia


The VHS Avantgarde milling machine is designed for milling, drilling, tapping holes etc, on medium to large pieces and therefore it is important to guarantee machining precision, execution speed, easy positioning and production low cost.

The structure is over dimensioned and largely ribbed, thermally stabilized.

The movement of the axes is made on guides with recirculating rollers largely over dimensioned and with a pre-load of heavy duty.

The surfaces are where the guides are applied are rectified and scraped..

All the movements of the machines axes and of the automatic tool exchanger group (where foreseen), are checked from numerical control and/or PLC integrated in the same.

The movement transmission chains of the linear axes are made by a toothed belt transmissions and screw coupling, by single screw with recirculating spheres, pre-loaded for the recovery  of mechanical gaps.

The detecting systems of the linear axes, of direct type, are made by linear scales (features of changeable type according to the function of the installed numerical control), fixed along the different working strokes.

All the axes of the machine are moved by motors with alternative electricity (brushless).

All the sliding surfaces and the movement parts are protected against dusts and cutting liquids.

The electro-spindle's head, at horizontal axis, is complete with automatic tool blocking and unblocking device.

The console of the computerized control unit is in a special container situated on the side of the milling machine (usually near the electric cabinet).

The position of the electric cabinet can change according to the machine model and the available space. Inside the cabinet (protected from infiltrations) are the electric equipment for the axis of the motor and the spindle, the CNC and all the other electrical equipment.



Very High Speed

Offer today what your competitors will offer only tomorrow.



Avantgarde VHS

Velocità assi lineari
Speed movement on linear axes
Vitesse avance  axes linéaires

X  1.500 ÷ 4.000

Y  1.000 ÷ 2.500

Z  1.000 ÷ 2.500

60 m./min  Rapid

40 m./min  Mill

Acceleration max
Accélération maximum

1 g – 9,8 m/s2

 Mandrino con cambio gamma meccanico  High Torque

Velocità / Potenza S1 motore mandrino
Max spindle motor speed / power S1        
Vitesse / Puissance S1 de moteur de la broche max

8.000 RpM / 37 KW

 Elettro mandrino High Power

Velocità / Potenza S1 motore mandrino
Max spindle motor speed / power S1        
Vitesse / Puissance S1 de moteur de la broche max

15.000 RpM / 37 KW

 Elettro mandrino High Power – High Speed

Velocità / Potenza S1 motore mandrino
Max spindle motor speed / power S1        
Vitesse / Puissance S1 de moteur de la broche max

18.000 RpM / 25 KW

 Elettro mandrino  Middle Power – Very High Speed

Velocità / Potenza S1 motore mandrino
Max spindle motor speed / power S1        
Vitesse / Puissance S1 de moteur de la broche max

36.000 RpM / 11 KW


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