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Tool exchanger shuttle

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Tool exchanger shuttle

The manipulator is capable of taking the tool from the magazine, to change it with the one in the spindles seat and to take the latter in the position where it was given during programming.

All the movements of this group are made by hydraulic actuators controlled by a numerical control by means of electro-valves.

The main elements that form this tool exchanger group are:

  • the shuttle

  •  the arm

  • the glasps

The shuttle moves along the guides (rails) that connects the tool magazine directly to the spindle.

The movement of the shuttle is devolved upon a hydraulic motor that interacts with a chain. In correspondence with the tool magazine and the spindle, the shuttle stops resting against the spring hydraulic limit-switch.

The arm, assembled on the shuttle, is the device that makes the operation of changing the tools that are manipulated by the extreme end glasps.

The arm on which the glasps are assembled is moved by means of a hydraulic piston, with double effect, with horizontal axis that manages the inserting - extraction movement of the tool.

The tool taking is done by the glasps that fork up the seat connection of the taper and they block it by high resistance springs. The unlocking happens only after the insert of the spindle taper or in a magazine seat, and is caused by the dragging created by the shuttle leaving.

The glasps group has been equipped with a mechanical device capable of avoiding the unexpected opening while the arm is making them rotate or is in extraction operation.

The movement transmission that makes the glasps rotate of 180° is operated by two vertical hydraulic pistons that interfere with a ratchet supportive with the arm.

The automatic tool changer is capable of making the replacement of the tool in about 15 seconds.


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