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In a more and more competitive market only leading edge solutions can allow to maintain operating margins compaired to emerging countries.


Being able to "create a business" must be supported by instruments and services that allow to emerge in a global market.


Our targets

  •  Production of milling-machines, working centres and special machines tools.

  •  Assistance on a wide range of industrial machines and equipment.

  •  Both electronic and mechanic spare parts.

  •  Outsourcing: a very interesting proposal for those firms that want to concentrate on their "core business"


Mechatronic is our great passion, a continue challenge;

because a solution suggested yesterday, today it is already obsolete.

How to contact us
+39 0523 550157
+39 0523 550158
Postal address
Via Formaleoni, 20 - 29027 Podenzano (PC) Italia
E-mail address

General information: info@STS.pc.it
Sales: commerciale@STSfresatrici.com
Assistance: tecnico@STSservice.net

Customers technical support Sales: tecnico@STSfresatrici.com

Administration: amministrazione@STS.pc.it

Webmaster: tecnico@sts.pc.it


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