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Automatic Tool exchanger 48 places

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 The tool exchanger group is installed on the right side of the basement of the milling machine and is formed mainly by:

  1. Tools magazine, where the most used tools are kept and automatically searched at the moment of automatic exchange.
  2. Automatic group of tool exchange, which is capable of taking the tool from the magazine and exchange it with the one previously assembled on the spindle, that will put again in the magazine in the same position from where it was taken.

The procedure of tool changing is completely automatic and can entirely be carried out by the control unit (CNC).

The management of the tool changer group in manual mode is done by a specific procedure, from which, following permission by removable key, it is possible to give any type of order to the group.

The orders that can be given from the push-button panel are of maintained action. The release of the order (button or selector) creates the immediate stop of the ordered section.

By means of the push-button panel it is possible to make the re-phasing of the changing group, in case the stop for malfunctioning or because ordered by the operator, can compromise the automatic procedure.

To reach the tool changer group it is necessary to reach inside the safety protections in condition of still-machine.

For the verification of the wear status of a tool or to change the positions, it is not necessary to stop the machine, but it is sufficient to open the magazine access door in the protection structure, and interact with the near push-button panel. The reduced sizes of the protections of the tool magazine, does not allow the entry of the operator in the area.

To reduce the risk of contact with moving parts (rotation of the chain and taking by the manipulator) the door has a sensor that avoids these movements.


Figure CUC2 - Operation pedal

The manual extraction of the tool, that is in correspondence with the door mentioned above, is made by pushing the pedal very similar to the one used to make the manual removal of the tool from the spindle.

The pedal commands a pneumatic small piston that helps the tool removal that is in the manual withdrawal position.




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