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STS milling machines : competitive advantage from technological evolution

STS story of a growth, in 20 years from virtual to real.

Following the customers requirements from a technical study to machine tools producer passing step by step all the steps of growth.


Born in 1990 the Studio Tecnico Sistemi for STS industrial automation.

In a rich area of mechatronic realities dedicated to the machining for extraction like Piacenzas province, it naturally enters in this automation field.

Soon the design and consulting activity is supported by an operating department that creates studies at prototype level and supplies technical assistance in the field.

The strong request to renew the fleet of obsolete machines leads to fund already in 1994 a revamping activity.

In 1997 STS structure is ready to face the production of its own product and with the co-operation of SECMU company, starts the production of the “SECMU C6 by STS” milling machine. About 100 machines are produced within 2002.

At the same time, starting from 1999 “Series F” milling machines are also introduced and in 2000 also those of “Series S”.

Up to this point all machines produced were of traditional type, which means in cast iron and with scrolling by dragging.

In 2001 Avantgarde machine is presented and, thanks to a great innovation, it twists the perfomance supplied up to then:

.         The axis speed passes from 15.000 to 60.000 mm/min.

·         The accelerations from 300 mm/sec2 to 10.000 mm/sec2  .

·         The spindle rotations from 3.000 RpM scurry away to 36.000 RpM.

·         The rotation speed of the rotating tables from 4 pass to 40 RpM.

  These are very important performances particularly considering the size of the machne up to 4.000mm. of longitudinal stroke.

Result of the same philosophy are the larger “Red Devil” up to 8.000 of longitudinal stroke and “Performance” up to 12.000 of longitudinal stroke.


Company profile

Born in 1990 we have grown thanks to our customers and, we hope even in minimum part, viceversa.

Today more than ever our scope is to give a service and, even if with our limits, we think we have accomplished our aim.

 When they classify us as “advanced tertiary” we will out of place: it is true we are a services company, it is true we work on and with latest generation technologies; it is also true that we do not live on the moon and we know how to match our know-how with the practical requirements of our customers.

 We will not enclose a list of references and not because among our customers we cannot find important names but because we need to underline that for us each problem give to us is important and urgent in itself; without classifications.

 Our pride is:

  • the over 30 daily requests ( with suggestions, interventions and spare parts) that we are able to satisfy, which are the nearly over 12.000 interventions that lie in our files and dozens the revisions that have given us new impulse and new productivity to our customers.

  • the dozens of new machines, standard and specials, that create shavings all over Italy.



How to contact us
+39 0523 550157
+39 0523 550158
Postal address
Via Formaleoni, 20 - 29027 Podenzano (PC) Italia
E-mail address

General information: info@STS.pc.it
Sales: commerciale@STSfresatrici.com
Assistance: tecnico@STSservice.net

Customers technical support Sales: tecnico@STSfresatrici.com

Administration: amministrazione@STS.pc.it

Webmaster: tecnico@sts.pc.it


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